Intensive College Conference

Intensive collegeĀ conference

Intensive College ConferenceThe Academic Answers intensive college conference service is aimed at college-bound students (and the parents of these students), including:

  • Underclassmen high school students (may include eighth graders)
  • Upperclassmen high school students
  • Individuals that have recently graduated high school
  • Students considering transferring to a different college
  • Individuals considering enrollment in graduate programs

The service includes a one time “check up” that assesses a student’s status and establishes direction for further college planning activities. The student and parents have direct access to an experienced, highly-trained college planning consultant who provides immediate feedback on the student’s goals for:

  • Higher education
  • Current and future high school course selection
  • Extra curricular choices
  • Standardized testing required as part of college admissions process
  • Other resume building activities

Students currently completing applications for enrollment to colleges also receive feedback on the content of their applications, and a Academic Answers’ college planning consultant may discuss specific strategies to help with enrollment.

Through this service, students and parents will gain valuable information regarding the college admissions process and receive realistic recommendations to help establish a plan of action for the student to achieve their goals.

The intensive college conference service may be used as a standalone experience or as a precursor to other services provided through Academic Answers’ college planning or test prep departments.

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