Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention

Crisis InterventionAn out of control child can create a crisis for the entire family, and makes it difficult for parents to know where to turn. Struggling and frustrated parents need fast guidance to help them make decisions to ensure their child’s safety. Academic Answers specializes in helping families in crisis.

Frequently within 24 hours, we can offer immediate options that are a good fit for families based on their individual needs, including:

  • Failing grades
  • Running Away
  • Sexual Acting Out
  • Counterproductive friendships
  • Drug/Alcohol Use
  • Illegal Activities

Our short-term crisis intervention options range from therapeutic wilderness programs, chemical dependency facilities, and residential treatment centers, to short-term hospital programs. Academic Answers can work with families even when they are already seeing a therapist, doctor, or school counselor. We fill the knowledge gap when intervention programs are not on other professionals’ radar.

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