Client Testimonials

thumbsupClient testimonials

We love working with our clients. And they seem to love us, too. See what some of our previous families are saying about us:

“We’ve tried everything! Finally, Ray is on the right track with school.”
Marian C., parent Cypress, TX

“Since our first meeting, things started changing for the better.”
Angela G., mother of 15 yr. old girl Fresno, CA

“I’ve always had to make all school decisions by myself. With the help of (Academic Answers), it’s been much easier.”
Joan W., parent St. Louis, MO

“I never even thought about going to college. They helped me make the right choice about school.”
Elizabeth K., 17 yr. old , student Boulder, CO

“Cole’s Academic Success Plan has made all the difference in the world! Being a parent is really better when your son is doing well!”
David C., father of 13 yr. old boy Austin, TX

“I was amazed at the difference the right school can make. Academic Answers helped us choose a school that we felt comfortable with.”
Leonard R., father of 12 yr. old girl New York, NY

“Their immediate response to our crisis helped save Mark’s life.”
Glen R., father of 13 yr. old boy Coral Gables, FL

“Working with Academic Answers, we found a great summer academic camp for our son who has learning difficulties.”
Shelly C., mother of 10 yr. old boy Toledo, OH

“The staff of Academic Answers were amazing. They are true professionals!”
Bruce N.. father of 19 year old girl Springfield, Il

“They helped us understand what to look for in a ‘good’ school.”
Mike C., parent Greensboro, NC