180 Consulting

180 Consulting

students-on-benchSometimes, it’s the things parents can’t control in relation to their children that can be the scariest. The expert team who makes up Academic Answers’ 180 Consulting can help get these parents some peace of mind, offering a variety of services to help keep families safe and secure – from crisis consulting and security plans to social media and online interactions.

Family Safety and Security

180 Consulting is an individual, high-level consultation and case management division at Academic Answers. 180 Consulting assists families in dealing with physical and cyber security issues through customized, ongoing action plans to address these issues. These plans might include:

  • Security crisis consulting
  • Crisis management
  • Security transportation
  • College planning
  • Consulting with clients on security protocol, which could include assigning security personnel for a client
  • Building comprehensive security plans for a client, including home or travel
  • Consulting with college or program security departments to ensure client’s security protocols are in place prior to arrival

Social Media Evaluations

180 Consulting is also skilled in assessing an individual’s social media and online presence to determine any areas of concern. From there, we can develop an action plan to serve as proactive risk management and early awareness to address these areas of concern.

With several tiered packages to choose from, parents can expect to see the following types of information on their child’s social media evaluation:

  • Personas
  • Platforms
  • Topics of conversation
  • Friends
  • Significant influencers
  • Risk analysis of the digital footprint
  • Potential criminal or illicit behavior
  • Dark web search, if warranted

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