Tutoring/credit recovery

Academic tutoring/credit recovery

Tutoring/Credit RecoveryAcademic Answers provides academic services to students in need of progressing in or remediating coursework. Our experienced personal learning coaches work with students both individually and in small groups to:

  • Facilitate instruction
  • Provide support
  • Monitor pacing
  • Implement individual strategies for effective learning

Our personal learning coaches support each student by adapting their teaching style directly to the learning style of the student. This approach facilitates educational growth and progress, and teaches the student to think, learn, and experience success in a way that relates to their natural talents.

Academic Answers’ purposeful philosophy is adaptable to a broad range of student populations from elementary to college students (ages ranging from 5 to 25 years), and we are able to effectively address learning differences and barriers to other traditional academic progresses.

Our academic services support students:

  • Enrolled in day schools
  • Enrolled in boarding schools
  • Not currently enrolled in any school

Students may participate in the following:

  • Subject tutoring
  • Credit recovery
  • Organizational tutoring based on specific needs

All academic credit is achieved through third party, distant education programs and is transferable to other academic institutions. By utilizing a variety of educational programs, we provide a high level of flexibility in curriculum selection that best matches the needs of each student. Third party curricular is also portable, and can be accessed without the direct support of Personal Learning Coaches.

Academic Answers’ personal learning coaches help students:

  • Experience academic progress
  • Develop study skills
  • Plan their courses
  • Advance in academic coursework

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