Parent Coaching

Parent coaching

Parent CoachingAcademic Answers knows that sometimes, children can just struggle-whether it be academically, behaviorally, or emotionally.

That’s why we provide parent coaching to parents or guardians with children (ages ranging from 6 to 25 years) who are in need of structure, consistency, and motivation to succeed. Through a formal partnership with SuccessPlans Parent Coaching, our consultants deliver one-on-one guidance to parents by designing, implementing, and supporting strategic parenting plans, or SuccessPlans. SuccessPlans are proven to increase parenting effectiveness, behavioral stabilization, and aftercare support when a child returns from a school or program away from home.

Our SuccessPlans Facilitators have extensive and specific training in the facilitation of the SuccessPlans Parent Coaching process, advanced degrees and formal clinical training and knowledge, and a wealth of previous experience in the implementation of therapeutic programs. The Facilitator works with families to increase parenting consistency, achieve goals for each individual child, creating a more predictable home environment.

SuccessPlans can also be used as transition support from a residential program. In this case, a Facilitator will provide guidance and to help a family experience smooth reintegration upon coming home, where discharge strategies can be supported and overall effectiveness can be monitored.

Unlike clinicians in private practices or companies that provide therapeutic services from a distance, we provide parents with a customized parenting system that is implemented at home. Our SuccessPlans Facilitators work individually with parents to design and implement a plan for success. This home-based intervention increases the behavioral and academic performance of the child by increasing the effectiveness of the parenting approach.

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