College Counseling/Planning

College counseling/planning

College Counseling/PlanningAcademic Answers’ college counseling/planning is a customized service that varies from client to client based on their specific needs and goals. No matter the situation, when students (typically 15 -25 years old) and their parents seek information and guidance for enrollment in higher education institutions, our college planning consultants can help them navigate through the complicated process.

After thoroughly evaluating the student’s interests, aptitude, and goals, our expert consultants develop specific recommendations to help guide the student to academic, social, and recreational success in a college or university setting. College planning consultants identify specific schools that meet the student’s needs and also provide realistic choices for acceptance and enrollment. The consultants provide ongoing guidance about how to complete high school and work best towards their college/university goals, including advice on:

  • Course selection
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Resume building opportunities
  • Entrance exams (SAT and ACT)

As students embark on their final year of high school, Academic Answers college planning consultants help support them in completing college applications supportive essays. Note that the students are ultimately responsible for the content of their applications, and our consultants advise and support to this process, as well as help keep timelines on track. In some cases, admissions strategies may be applied to help ensure that the student has maximized their opportunities (early action, early decision).

Upon receiving acceptance decisions, Academic Answers college planning consultants provide invaluable information and counseling based on the specific enrollment choices of the student and their parents on specific enrollment choices. These topics include:

  • Area of academic study (majors & minors)
  • Financial aid
  • Dorm life/housing
  • Support services

Beyond enrollment, our college planning consultants continue to collaborate with parents and students to ensure the college experience is successful. In the event that a student decides a transfer to another institution is appropriate, our consultants provide valuable information to support this process, as well.

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